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On this page you will find helpful social media templates and pre-recorded trainings for fundraising on Giving Tuesday. The templates are based in the free online design program, Canva, and allow you to amplify the reach of the IEEE and IEEE Foundation on Giving Tuesday. The pre-recorded trainings provided some in-depth information from our professional staff on storytelling, community fundraising, and details around the incentive grants.
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Community Fundraising

How to Setup Your Community Fundraiser Page 

To create your Community Fundraiser page and start making an impact on IEEE and IEEE Foundation Programs:
  1. Visit this page.
  2. Click the blue "Fundraise" button at the top of the page.
    1. Choose whether you would like to support a specific program or raise general support for the IEEE Foundation to use where is most needed.
    2. If supporting a program, on the next page you will be prompted to search for the program and join their team. Enter the program name, hit search, and then the green “Join” button next to the correct team.If supporting the IEEE Foundation, you will be taken directly to step 4.
  3. On the next page, follow the prompts to register as an “Individual Program Fundraiser.” A goal of $250 is pre-loaded but you can choose any goal you want! Add your personal gift then click “Next Step.”
  4. Select “Register & Create a Fundraising Account” on the next page - follow the prompts to create your login.
  5. Once you have created your account and logged in, click the large blue button in the top right labeled “Participant Center.”
  6. You will see boxes titled “What to do next?” - you can click on each activity to customize your page setup, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page to customize your page under “Personal Page” section.
  7. You can edit your goal, URL, page content, and more:
    1. Create a short URL - Click the blue “URL Settings” button and create a shorter vanity URL that will help with sharing. We suggest using a combination of your name (e.g. “John_Smith”).
    2. Personalize content on your page - Click the blue “Edit Content” button just below the URL Settings button to add your Giving Tuesday messaging to your page. You are allowed only basic text formatting (bold, justification, etc).
    3. Add a photo to your team page - Click the blue “Update Photo” button under the Edit Content button to add a photo to your. Images must be .jpg files and please caption the image to improve accessibility for eReaders.
  8. If you receive offline donations - like collecting checks or cash from friends that you will mail to the IEEE Foundation, you can add those under the “Personal Donations” section in the “Participant Center” and they will appear on your page. Just click the blue “Add” button in the section and follow the prompts.

Community Fundraising Template Ask Email

Tip - use the design templates below to compliment your emails (or social media posts).


This year, for #IEEEGivingTuesday, I am asking my friends and family to support a very worthy program that solves some of the world’s most complex global issues through technology. The <<PROGRAM NAME>> seeks to <<INSERT PROGRAM MISSION>>.

Will you consider making a donation of US$10 or more on my Community Fundraiser page by 28 November to benefit <<PROGRAM NAME>>? <<LINK THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE>>

This program is important to me because <<INSERT YOUR PASSION>>. I know that together we can give them the resources they need to accomplish even more.



Community Fundraising Template Ask Social Media Posts

Tip - use the design templates below to compliment your social media post (or emails).

  • This #IEEEGivingTuesday I am raising support for <<PROGRAM NAME>> so they can <<PROGRAM MISSION>>. Please consider joining me with your donation of US$10 or more on my individual fundraising page: <<INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK>>
  • I want to the move the #FutureForward, and that’s why I am asking you to support <<PROGRAM NAME>> on #IEEEGivingTuesday. With your donation of US$10 or more, we can build a bright future: <<INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK>>
  • I volunteer for <<PROGRAM NAME>> and have seen firsthand the amazing impact they have on <<PROGRAM MISSION>>. Help me do more by giving a charitable gift this #IEEEGivingTuesday to support <PROGRAM NAME> on my community fundraiser page: <<INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK>>

Design Templates

The 2023 Giving Tuesday templates are housed via Canva. Through Canva, you can customize images for your program for use on social media and in emails. This tool is free (with some paid elements). Below you can find some resources to get started with Canva:
Social Media Post Message Only

2023 Giving Tuesday - SM Post - Text Only
Social Media Post Image Only

2023 Giving Tuesday - SM Post - Image Only
Social Media Post Pillar Focus

2023 Giving Tuesday - SM Post - Pillar
Social Media Post Image and Text

2023 Giving Tuesday - SM Post - Photo and Text
Email Banner Template

2023 Giving Tuesday - Email Banner

Why I Support Printable Sign

2023 Giving Tuesday - Why I Support Sign

Recorded Workshop Sessions

Community Fundraising

Building Your Fundraising Plan


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